Once you’re in

Inside the country:

The highway is good from Gauteng all the way to Maputo. The road from Maputo to Inhambane is slightly potholed, so be careful. It is not advised that you travel at night, because there are no lighting on the road and other vehicles often have inadequate lighting.

Petrol can be up to 50% more expensive in Mozambique, so it is advisable to fill up just before the border. Unleaded petrol is not available everywhere – enquire at your destination to plan ahead. Diesel is more or less the same price as in SA.

Legal stuff:

  • Police checkpoints are commonplace.
  • Wear seatbelts all the time.
  • The speed limit is 40 – 50 km/h in town, and 120 km/h on the open road.
  • Display your emergency triangles in a visible place.
  • Red emergency triangles should be displayed on the front of the towing vehicle and the back of the trailer if you are towing.
  • When you are pulled over by police, be patient and courteous. They will need you driver’s license, third party insurance and road tax, which you purchased at the border. Avoid handing these documents over to the police – rather start a friendly conversation and joke with them if you can. Unless you’ve transgressed the law, there is nothing to be nervous about.
  • No firearms are allowed to be brought in.
  • You may only drive on the beach to launch a boat, but for no other reason.