Health & Safety


  • Larium or a Paludrine / Daramal combination is often used as preventative. They are quite harmful, so you may also want to consider the homeopathic equivalents. Contact your GP for advice.
  • Repel mosquitoes with Citronella, Tabard and Mosquito coils.
  • If you prefer the herbal therapy, mix a few drops of citronella, eucalyptus and lemon grass essential oils into aqueous cream for a great moisturizer / insect repellent.
  • A Vitamin B complex can turn the blood sour, and combined with garlic tablets this can be a great deterrent for mosquitoes.

Safety & Security:

  • Do not drive where there are no roads demarcated, because there are still land mines left behind after the civil war.
  • If you get into trouble with the authorities or other unforeseen circumstance, contact the consular section of the SA High Commission:
    • 41 Eduardo Modlane Ave, Maputo
    • Tel (01) 490059 / 491614 / 493030 / 490587 during office hours
    • Tel (01) 450031 / 450033 after hours
  • Most major towns have a hospital or clinic of some sort, great for minor problems like stitches and Malaria tests. Because Malaria is very real in Mozambique, they are much better equipped to deal with this than SA.
  • Make sure you have Medical Evacuation Insurance. Contact your broker to find out if your policy covers this.